“What if we had a vineyard in Italy …”

With this wishful thinking from Morten in 2008, our dream of buying a vineyard in Italy began. The dream came true – in June 2009 we turned the key and opened the door to our great vineyard project, Cascina Castagna.

After several years of hard work, we have now got our vineyard project where we want it to be. It has been a long journey, with many challenges along the way. There has been a lot of things to learn, and there has been a lot of work to be done. The learning curve has been very steep, especially since neither of us had a background neither in agriculture nor in winemaking. Everything had to be learnt from scratch. But we have enjoyed the process, and we are very happy with the result of all the hard work!

From being an old and abandoned farm winery, Cascina Castagna is now renovated and beautiful with 4 holiday apartments for rent, a swimming pool with a fantastic view, and a winery where we make all of our wines. A lot of holiday guests come here for a vineyard holiday every year, to relax and to discover all that Piedmont and the Langhe Monferrato wine district can offer.

In November 2020, we actually published our book about Cascina Castagna, written by Hilde. It is only available in Norwegian, and it is called “The dream of a vineyard in Italy – The story of Cascina Castagna”.

Welcome to our Italian dream! You can book your vineyard holiday at Cascina Castagna and discover this beautiful region of Italy.

Email us for availability information and for booking of accomodation in our holiday apartments: info@cascinacastagna.com