The Cascina Castagna winery

Since 2015 we have been making wine here at Cascina Castagna. We – Hilde and Morten – are not only your hosts during your holiday stay, but also winemakers, taking care of everything from growing the grapes to making the wines.

The wine production has gradually expanded over the last years, although we are still a small winery. Today we have an annual wine production of  2000-3000 bottles. The wines are sold directly to the customers here at Cascina Castagna, and on some local restaurants.

Quality over quantity

We emphasize making wines of quality. For us, quantity is of less importance. The process of making good wine starts in the vineyard.  The grapes must be cared for well throughout the season, so they are of the best quality, providing the basis for good wine. After harvesting, the winemaking process continues in the winery, with emphasis on close follow-up of each wine.

Read more about our wines here!

Passion and lifestyle

We do not follow the mainstream, but choose to do things our way. Creativity and innovation are important factors for us. We like to make new wines, without losing focus on quality.

Wine tasting

All the guests at Cascina Castagna will be offered to join a winery visit and wine tasting during their holiday. We will show you how we make our wines. You will hear about our philosophy as winemakers, and you get information about the various wines we make. And then, you will of course taste the wines.